Hebrew - A, Mrs. Orli Gubani

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In our last unit, we learned how to write a ‘pirsomet’ – a commercial. We looked at pictures of Eilat – a city in the south of Israel and described it. Then, we described pictures of Austin. Now we are in a process of writing a ‘pirsomet’ for Austin. The unit was all about describing and using adjectives in the right form in Hebrew. It is very challenging for someone who is not a native speaker of the language to implement the rules for female and male in Hebrew. We are learning the rules and the exceptions. Our next unit is about feelings: how do we feel and why. It is also about numbers. In Hebrew: “ani margish efes” – I feel zero – means I feel bad. And “Hakol eser”- everything is ten – means I feel great! So there is a connection between numbers and feelings.