Hebrew - Mrs. Ruiz - 4th grade

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In our 4th Grade class we are beginning to read two new stories this week. The first one will expose us to a famous tradition in Israeli schools called, Yom Hatalmid. This is a day in which the students take the center stage, to plan learning activities for their peers in the younger grades. The teachers take a backseat and watch how the students are running the show. We will read about the activities and lessons that Tamar and her friends organized at her school and get to know this wonderful Israeli fun day. We will also discuss whether AJA should have a day such as this and think of what we would like to include for fun activities for that day. Our 2nd story will introduce us to another practice in Israeli schools that allows the students to head of school in writing. Students who have special requests or a problem they need help with simply write a letter and place it in a special mailbox. Later, one student on duty will hand those letters to their addressees.  Our grammar study, will focus the topic of indirect speech and the question words where (efo), where to (le’an), and from where(me’ayin).