HIDALGO Blog November-December

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Hello parents,

I cant believe break is right around the corner! We are busy at work. The students have spent multiple weeks, researching areas of interest in the United States. Besides creating the class trivia over geographic regions, the students have been researching to learn more about the country they live in. With this information, they were asked to focus their research into a 1-2 page ‘persuasive-toned’ road trip, where they chose an audience and extracted the most important pieces from their area of the country. Research points included: PERSONAL INTERESTS, GEOGRAPHIC HOT SPOTS, FOOD, HISTORICAL DESTINATIONS and CONSERVATION EFFORTS IN THAT STATE. We will share their persuasive road trips this week!

We just got finished reading THE PHANTOM TOLLBOOTH, where the kids dove into a fantasy world of kings and queens, talking dogs that teach about the power of time, and princesses that teach us about wisdom. Through small group discussions and literature prompts students regularly discussed the  morals and values embedded in the text and the students participated in a high intensity debate today, focusing on arguing over the power of words versus the power of numbers. It was hard to choose a side as they were both incredibly convincing…

After the break…THE GIRL WHO OWNED THE CITY…chapter and book and graphic novel….We will focus on reading for details and drawing conclusions, characterization and the importance of setting!

Up next in science….CORN…we will dive into chemistry, analyzing corn, doing candy chemistry (and of course looking at the corn based-high fructose corn syrup inside). We will start reading non-fiction text on the topic and learn about the PROS and CONS behind eating corn and then go into a very interesting study on fast food in the United States. This is just the beginning of our learning in food science, which will also include a progressive and innovative curriculum called NOURISH that will allow students to start to analyze the food system we are part of. Just around the corner we have the always amazing farm experiential learning will begin the last week in February! Stay tuned for a sign up sheet where each of you can be a farmer for a Friday. The learning there is unparalleled to anything they have ever done, relevant and so important!

Thanks for your support, today and always! Paz y amor en el aprendizaje, Peace and Love in Learning xoxo