Homesteading Elective

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Homesteading is the process of learning skills to help yourself become more self-sufficient. In the homesteading elective, students decided on a series of common food and household items they would learn to make for themselves.


Our first class we made both ice cream and bread. The ice cream was fast and fun, although a lot of arms got tired as the students shook and shook the ice cream mixture inside of a bag of ice in order to make it freeze. We also had an ice cream machine going at the same time so that the students could compare products. Both were delicious! We made bread during this class as well, but had to wait until the next day for it to rise and cook. I have to say the bread was PHENOMENAL in my opinion. We made three delicious and beautiful artisan loafs! I could include pictures here but it was eaten before I got the chance to take some.


On Wednesday we made ricotta and mozzarella cheese. There is something magical about watching this chemical process take place! Each of the students was surprised to see the curds form, and we all enjoyed the delicious product that resulted. The students learned that making cheese is a lot of waiting… but very much worth the effort!