IMPORTANT!!! New website for Hebrew homework online!

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Dear parents and teachers,

I am really excited to introduce a new immersive program to learn Hebrew vocabulary!

Starting this week, every day I expect every child from 2nd and 3rd grade to study at least 5 minutes of Hebrew vocabulary at home and at least 10 minutes for 4th, 5th and MS lower end. How? The school agreed to purchase a program that can be accessed on any PC or Mac. Please take a look at it today and email me questions, so that tomorrow on our meeting I will have the opportunity to clarify any other inquiry.

You will just need an Internet connection. Every grade will have a customized set of words and/or phrases to learn every week. On Fridays (unless there is a special event) there will be an exam about it. every month, the monthly vocabulary will be tested. Here are the instructions on how to access the website:

On your email click on the Student URL.


Then click on SIGN UP NOW

Fill all the fields with an asterisk, on MAIN LANGUAGE OF INTEREST SELECT HEBREW and on CLASS CODE, write AJA2, AJA3, AJA4, AJA5, AJA6 according to the grade of your child, no on CREATE ACCOUNT.

Log-in on the link provided on the email and close the pop up window.

Click on classes

Click on your grade(or child’s grade)

Click on the assignment you want to work on.

Start working and post here your questions!

I will also send an email with a word file with the instructions, those will be available for you tomorrow in hard copy.