Indigenous peoples unit

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Dear Parents,

These are exciting times in sixth grade humanities. We are in the project phase of our exploration of the Aztec, Maya, and Inca peoples. Like our work with the Renaissance, we are considering their respective artistic and scientific innovations. We have also discussed and researched the ways in which they interacted with the natural world.

Supporting our understanding of this time period is our novel, The Well of Sacrifice, a book about political turmoil in Mayan society. This book has helped us understand what the author has imagined daily life was like in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. There is a group project associated with this unit, and the students have been working on it in class. It is due on Tuesday, February 23.

As we continue with our studies, we also look back on the work of the trimester in preparation for trimester exams, which occur for math and humanities on Thursday and Friday, March 3 and 4. We will review and practice for the exams in class, but it is imperative that students engage in preparation outside of class.

Finally, our librarian Mrs. Glickman has shared with us the Book People bookmark contest, in which students compete by designing a bookmark that exemplifies a book that they have already read and loved. While this is not a required assignment, we think it’s a rare opportunity for the students to be considered in a larger pool of students who express their interest in books beyond writing and discussing. The final design is due by Friday, March 4.

Coming up in the next few weeks are:

  • regional science fair on Thursday, Feb. 18,
  • PSIA on Friday, Feb. 26,
  • and the end of this second trimester on Fri., March 4.