It's the end of the year in First Grade!

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Wow!  Time really flies when you’re having fun and learning.  This has been a wonderful year and I’m so happy to have gotten to share it with all of my fantastic first graders.


As the year wraps up, here’s what we’re doing:

English/Language Arts: Fundations® end-of-year review, letter-writing, comparing fiction to non-fiction, and writing for self-reflection; We enjoyed our art and story field trip to the Blanton Museum as well!

Everyday Math: We are gearing up for our end-of-year assessments by reviewing attributes of 2D & 3D shapes, practicing addition and subtraction strategies, creating and solving word problems, and number grid puzzles;

Social Studies: We’re examining what it means to live a balanced life, examining the ways in which our lives are balanced and not, and exploring ways to create balance where it is lacking;

Science: Hooray for our first grade Sustainability and Conservation studies!  First graders chose to learn about and present on the issues that were most important to them.  First grade Earth Day PSAs are here (click links to view, too large to post here):

Thank you all for working with me to have made it such a great year!!