January Fifth Grade Happenings

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5th Grade January Happenings…

ROBOTS EVERYWHERE! Students dove into PLTW (Project Lead the Way) Robotics by learning about the various types of robots, the robots’ skill sets, where and why they were designed, etc. This learning has been coupled by having a wide array of reading opportunities with non-fiction articles and stories connected to robotics and are enabling the students to deepen their knowledge base on interpreting non-fiction text. Also, students are expanding the lens through which they see the importance and relevance of studying about robots in relation to the present and future preservation of our planet!

Students have enjoyed writing creative writing pieces connected to the study of robotics and are having opportunities to work on drafting, adding colorful language and writing purposefully through these robotic activities. After their various fields of study, students presented their findings on Lensoo Create and Popplet, two new robotic applications and acted as mini-robotic experts. We continue to work on Robotics this week, and are beginning the process of learning about robotic inputs and outputs. In conjunction with these studies, students will visit the UT Robotics Lab where we will visit with Dr. Sentis, one of the key authorities on Robotics worldwide. Early next month, Dr. Chamintoff will come and speak with the students about robots and space travel which I know the kids will enjoy!

In continuing our studies of the American Revolution, student groups are still enjoying their historical fiction novels. This was coupled with learning how to write Informational papers where the students highlighted three of the important events leading up to the American Revolution. This project was brought to life through plays, Prezi’s and short student created videos. I am excited to see what the students create in the History Repeats Itself Family Projects due in the next few weeks!

In math, students are deepening their knowledge of measurement and graphing through an array of activities like the Measurement Olympics and their activity today where they created line graphs using their jumping jacks and heart rate stats. We will head shortly to Mrs. Rosenmann’s lab where we will work on measuring mass, using graduated cylinders to measure volume as well as learn about concepts including displacement and meniscus.

Keep up with our Instagram posts and thanks again for partnering to create an amazing fifth grade year for your children! Coming in February will be a GREEN GATE FARM sign up sheet for our service learning that will begin at the end of March!

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