January in First Grade

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Wow!  Can you believe we’ve reached the middle of the school year?  After enjoying our Winter Break, we got right back to business in first grade.

In Science, we completed our unit on force and motion by completing our class’ Science Fair project, ‘Friction Races’. We used the scientific method to guide our process and had fun testing our hypothesis by racing Hot Wheels.  We are also now the proud caretakers of the ‘1st Grade Wigglers’, our very own composting worm bin!  In Math, we’re using <,>, = to compare numbers and parts of equations in addition to using various units of measurement and learning how to measure a path and expanding our knowledge of place value.

Meanwhile, with Multicultural Week at AJA right around the corner (January 25-29th), we’re exploring Ireland and its culture and are learning about diversity in our communities, our state, and our country as well.  Middle School Knesset members will be visiting our class next week to talk about MLK Jr. Day and multiculturalism.

It is an exciting time in English/Language Arts, too!  First graders are growing by leaps and bounds in their reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary skills.  We have read and compared many Irish legends and folktales and are writing our own making use of our favorite Irish characters.  In our non-fiction studies, we are creating tourist brochures using landmarks, history, and cultural places of interest we’ve learned about in Social Studies.  We also enjoyed some time with our 5th grade buddies.

We have three field trips coming up soon!  On February 17th, we’ll visit the Natural Gardener to coincide with our plants and sustainability studies.  In March, we’ll visit Georgetown Palace to watch Dr. Seuss’ ‘A Cat in the Hat’ and in May we’ll visit the Blanton Museum for a Story Time Collections tour.