January News for Second Grade

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Upcoming Events:

Feb. 1- Field Trip to LBJ Library

Feb. 28- President and First Lady costumes due (for dress rehearsal)

March 1- Presidential Presentation


After the break, second grade hit the ground running and started several new units. Below you will find a summary of what we started learning about in January.

In reading, students began to learn the valuable skill of reading for information. Strategies such as rereading, using headings as a guide, looking back at pictures, and summarizing were emphasized. Second graders also learned about making inferences. They learned to use prior knowledge and clues from the text to infer meaning.  As always, fluency and comprehension continue to be practiced along with several other skills such as making connections, identifying the main idea, and identifying cause/effect. Students are working on expanding their summarization skills by taking their three sentence summaries to five sentences. They now tell a BMMME, which stands for the beginning, 3 important events from the middle, and the end. This is a great technique to have your child practice at home as well!

In math, students learned all about fractions. They learned that a fraction is a part of a whole, how to identify the fraction of a shaded shape, and how to find the fraction of a set. After learning the basics of fractions, second graders expanded their knowledge to finding equivalent fractions, comparing fractions, and writing mixed numbers. The class also learned to add and subtract fractions with common denominators. A great way to add real-life learning at home would be to point out any time that you are using fractions, such as while cooking. Recently, second graders started their intro to multiplication unit. Students have learned the basic concept of multiplication and strategies such as repeated addition and forming groups. Students have learned to form an array (series of columns and rows) as a display of a multiplication problem. Currently, they are learning to count by 3s and 4s. AJA second graders will continue the multiplication unit through February.

In math, students learned to dance the twist by playing “Fractional Twist.” Students had to fold their newspaper in half, then fourths, then eighths, and so on…all while twisting and staying on the paper. So fun!!!

Below you will see students using M&Ms (or other manipulatives) to sort and find fractions of a set.

Students were introduced to multiplication and built arrays using classroom objects.

In language arts, students learned how to use quotation marks when writing dialogue. Students now know to put beginning and ending quotes around someone’s speech and how to properly punctuate. Currently, students are learning about contractions. They know that a contractions is an abbreviated word made up of two words and an apostrophe. This unit will continue into next week and then lead into possessive and plural possessive nouns.

In creative writing, students reviewed the concept of persuasive writing as well as their science unit on weather. They wrote about their “ideal weather” and tried to convince others of their opinion. These papers were written in paragraph format, which was reviewed as well. Students were also introduced to expository or “how to” writing. Each student chose something that he/she knows how to do well and wrote an expository composition explaining the activity.

Social studies has been exciting for the class, as they began their unit on U.S. Presidents. To introduce this new unit, I dressed up as “the ghost of George Washington,” and gave a little speech! Second graders then studied Washington and Lincoln along with other presidents. After a brief introduction to the presidents, students selected which president (or first lady) he/she would like to be in the upcoming presentation. Along with presidents, students will also learn about patriotic symbols, patriotic songs, and some U.S. history. I look forward to seeing everyone at the play on March 1!