Jewish Corner

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May 4 K-5 will be doing Israeli dancing at Kaballat Shabbat

May 4 M.S. will be baking challah

Parsha:  Acharei Mot/Kedoshim we learn about Yom Kippur and what it means to be holy.

May 11 Portfolio Day no Kaballat Shabbat

Parsha:  Emor: Moshe instructs the people about the holidays

May 18 K-5 and MS together: Rosh Hodesh

Parsha: Behar-Bechukotai: we learn about important laws affecting use of the land as we end the book of Vayikra.

May 25 K-5 will have our final Kabbalat Shabbat of the year where we will do some special activities for Shavuot.

Parsha:  Bemidbar: Directions are given to us about how to travel in the desert and how to arrange ourselves around the mishkan.