Jewish Studies - 1st

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Love getting challenging questions from first graders during our Parsha discussions.  What happened to the dinosaurs?  Are they mentioned in Bereshit and how about Parsha Noach – we never see them on an ark.  As an adult I consulted 4 Rabbis and got more than 4 responses.  It is easier to explain about unicorns thanks to the song, “The Unicorn”.  I have been convinced that science and theology can and do coexist but did not use those words with the children and noticed that no one drew a dinosaur or unicorn on their depictions of the ark.  Lech Lecha introduced us to Abraham, the first Jew and leader of the Jewish people.  (Many thought that this distinction belonged to Moses.)  We practice Tefillah with a siddur and their voices are sweet to listen to on a regular basis.  As the librarian; I love incorporating stories to help put things into a child’s perspective.  They are like sponges and it is a joy to teach them.