Jewish Studies - Feb - 2nd grade

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Second grade is having a great time In Jewish Studies – we’ve been focusing on an integration project where the students got a chance to do research and present on an Israeli patriotic symbol or person! I learned so much about the Israeli flag, Shimon Peres, IDF (army) emblem, and so much more! We also learned about a few important prime ministers and presidents of Israel!


We are also in our finishing stages of our Noah unit – it has been stretched out over most of the year because it is such a fun story, and your students have asked great questions and brought up great insights throughout the learning process. This week, we will reflect on the rainbow and what it meant to Noah, as well as what it means to us today when we see one.


During Tefillah, we are getting closer and closer to learning all of the Morning Blessings in Hebrew, as well as being able to recite the V’Ahavta without any teacher help. We are also continuing to practice and learn more of the Hallel service each Rosh Chodesh (new month)!!