Jewish Studies - Feb - 3rd grade

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What can I say – your third grader probably has a future as an Israeli travel agent! We are in the middle of a fun project where each student plans a trip around Israel to visit various landforms there – they planned trips to the Red Sea in Eilat up to the ski resort at Mt. Hermon, and everywhere in between. We also had a special visitor come to class – Arielle Levy from JNF came to talk about the different types of soil and landforms in Israel and taught us a lot about what JNF does to support Israel.


We are also learning the story of Avraham and Sarah in the Torah, and we will soon discover even more about Avraham and the kindness he shows towards everyone – even people in wicked cities! We will be talking about how to be an “upstander” when we see something that we think is wrong, along with several other themes that will come up during the story!
Third grade also enjoyed another fabulous Rosh Chodesh Tefillah (prayer service for the new month) along with Fourth grade where we sang many of our usual prayers as well as practicing and learning new parts of the Hallel service which we add on special days as a way to praise God. We also had a great discussion about gratitude and sacrifice, and what it means to give something up you care about so that someone else can have it.