Jewish Studies - Feb - 4th

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Fourth grade is in the middle of the “baby wars” when sisters, Leah and Rachel, compete to win their husband Yakov’s (Jacob’s) love. We’ve talked a lot about jealousy and rivalry, as well as trickery and fairness. We’ve also tried to look at all aspects of this complicated story from each person’s perspective – why would Leah and Yakov’s marriage hurt Rachel? How did Leah feel when Yakov married Rachel also? Was it right for Lavan (Laban) to trick Yakov into marrying both of his daughters? These are just a few of the questions we’ve discussed, and your students are constantly impressing me with their connections to the Torah characters.

Fourth grade also enjoyed another fabulous Rosh Chodesh Tefillah (prayer service for the new month) along with Third grade where we sang many of our usual prayers as well as practicing and learning new parts of the Hallel service which we add on special days as a way to praise God. We also had a great discussion about gratitude and sacrifice, and what it means to give something up you care about so that someone else can have it. In “regular” Tefillah, we are also working on the “Vayomer” paragraph during the Shema section of services, and we are doing really well as a class to learn this fun prayer!