Jewish Studies - Feb - 7th

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Seventh grade is journeying through the story of the beginning of the monarchy of Israel. First, we read about King Saul. We followed along with his successes and then ultimately, failures. We have since been introduced to David, who is living in the palace with Saul (as he slowly goes crazy!!) and who defeats Goliath, the champion fighter of the Philistines, wearing no armour and using a slingshot! We will continue to follow along with the story of David as we go deeper into the web of lies, betrayal, friendship, sinning, forgiveness, and more!
We are also taking a closer look at the history of Judaism, focusing on the Second Temple period and the formation of the Rabbinic Judaism which we still practice today! We have learned about the various sects who were in power – or wanted to be in power – and the beliefs which they held. We will continue to follow the story of the destruction of the Second Temple and how this came about  and the factors which contributed to it, and what was happening in the larger picture of world history at the time. This integrates nicely with what 7th grade is studying in Humanities!