Jewish Studies in January - 2nd

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Second grade is having so much fun in Jewish studies this month – we are finishing up our Noah’s Ark unit in the next few days, and starting fun new projects in the coming weeks. To finish up our Noah’s Ark unit, we have been reading many different books by various authors and the students have fun pointing out to me which parts are similar to or different from the Torah version of the story, and it’s great to hear how many facts they know about the Torah story we learned! Soon we will learn the reason behind a rainbow as well as the blessing we say when we see one!
We will also be learning about Jewish leaders as a way to complement the general studies unit on American Presidents. We’ll be learning about leaders in the Torah, in Israel, and American Jewish leaders. We will continue to practice Tefillah and learn new prayer skills in our class and with our 6th grade buddies!