Jewish Studies in January - 3rd

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Third grade is having a great time in Jewish studies lately. We’re learning even more about the story of Abraham – especially his hospitality! We said the words “hachnasat orchim” (welcoming guests) more times than I can count, and we talked about all the different ways we can be welcoming to guests. We also wrote postcards about our visit to Avraham’s tent; they were filled with tales of yummy food and excellent hospitality!


We also held our first “Elementary School Tefillah” where third and fourth graders joined together to pray on the first day of the new Jewish month – Rosh Chodesh Shevat – and it was a beautiful time together. We especially loved getting to sing parts of the Hallel service!


Soon, we will begin to plan a road trip around Israel in order to visit all the various landforms which make Israel such a special place. This will connect nicely to the geomorphology unit third grade will begin in general studies!!