Jewish Studies in January - 4th grade

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Fourth grade is busy preparing for their upcoming Jewish Studies Milestone event – their Havdallah ceremony on Jan 30th. They have learned all about the customs and traditions associated with Havdallah, and they cannot wait for you to join them in ushering a new week. Our ceremony will be held in the historic B’nai Abraham synagogue with Rabbi Dan Millner, and the students are abuzz with excitement.


In addition to all of our preparation for this ceremony, we are also continuing to learn Torah. We are in the middle of the story of Jacob, and soon Jacob will meet and marry Rachel – as well as Leah! We will be talking a lot about the theme of trickery, and right vs. wrong and how to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, so look for your child to spark some interesting discussions with you about these subjects in the coming weeks!


We also held our first “Elementary School Tefillah” where third and fourth graders joined together to pray on the first day of the new Jewish month – Rosh Chodesh Shevat – and it was a beautiful time together. We especially loved getting to sing parts of the Hallel service!
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Jan 30th!