Jewish Studies in January - 5th

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Fifth grade has been busy preparing for their upcoming Tikkun ceremony with “Prof Risa” – it is sure to be a special day where they show off their knowledge of Torah trope. They have been working very hard to put together a special presentation, and are looking forward to becoming expert Torah readers in the coming months!


We are also continuing to learn Torah content – the story of Joseph in Egypt, to be exact – and your children are impressing me with their planning skills for what will happen when Pharaoh’s dreams of impending famine come true. We are continuing to use Rashi, an ancient commentator, to support (and sometimes challenge) our understanding of the Torah.


Now that we have mastered the Ashrei we are moving on to perfect our Amidah skills, and we are also continuing to learn even more of the Hallel service which is recited on holidays. I look forward to seeing everyone on Jan 28th at Temple Beth Shalom!