Jewish Studies in January - 6th

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Sixth grade has hit the ground running after winter break – we have been reading Shmot (Exodus) and learning the beginning of the story one of our major leaders, Moses. We have already talked about:

  • the various identities that Moses has (and connected it to our own identities)
  • the social injustice situations which prompt Moses to act
  • the brave women who are the truly the backbone of these stories: the midwives who refused to kill the newborn babies, Moses’ birth mother and sister, Pharaoh’s daughter who adopted this “forbidden” baby, and more.
  • how do you know when you are ready to take responsibility for something?
  • what “proof” do you need in order to believe in something (such as G-d).

This was all just in the first four chapters – there is so much more rich material to come! As we wind through Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Black History Month, we will also be connecting these stories to what students are learning in Humanities.