Jewish Studies in January - 7th

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Hear ye, hear ye! Seventh grade is creating a special edition of the Canaan Chronicle – a newspaper from 3,000 years ago – in order to inform everyone of the turmoil that is happening in Canaan now that a new king, Saul, is in charge. Between several coronations, surprising battles, family drama and more, this newspaper will be sure to tell everybody the latest news. Look for your child to bring their own copy of it home soon!


We are also gearing up to integrate Jewish studies with general studies for the study of Rome; Shayla Fleshman and I are working closely together to plan fun lessons, projects, and simulations to help this aspect of Jewish history come alive for 7th graders !As mentioned before, this will be a nice lead-in to rabbinic Judaism and a more in-depth study of Rabbinic literature such as the Mishna.