Jewish Studies Update

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Third grade has just started to adventure from “Ur” to Canaan (Israel) with Avram!! We read all about how he interacted with God and who he brought with him on his adventure. We can’t wait to see if he makes it all the way to his destination, and who he encounters along the way!!!

We’ve also talked about how a Sukkah is really a “Shelter of Peace” and we talked about when we feel most safe and what we may want protection from. We looked at the night-time prayer of “Hashkiveinu” and talked about the language of Shalom as well as how God guards, shields, protects, and saves people and spreads a Shelter of Peace over us. Students also brought up the fact that Israel is a Shelter of Peace for many people, and we are all looking forward to spending the next week in our own Sukkat Shlomecha with friends and family.

Coming up, I look forward to continuing our conversation about “Sukkat Shlomecha,” as well as reading more in the Torah and even starting an exciting integration project with what they are learning in General Studies – we will learn about the Israeli map and landforms that are in Israel!! I’m so excited for your children to explore some of my favorite places in Israel and learn more about what the land has to offer.

Chag Sukkot Sameach, everyone!!