Journey through Pesach - Third Grade

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Third grade has been busy during Jewish Studies learning about Passover! Our theme this year is about the “journey” which brought the Israelites from Egypt and, eventually, into Israel. We connected it back to the journey of Avraham and saw how the stories of both these leaders – even though they were hundreds of years apart – had similar themes. We then began a project called “Pesach Photo Journey Journal” in which the students were grouped together and tasked with creating a photo journal of their journey from Egypt. They learned all about the very first Passover which took place in Egypt, and then recreated it for themselves. They thought about what it must have been like to have to pack in a hurry, then to walk for days and days, only to be trapped at the sea (the JCC pool). They’ll include short captions which will sum up the pictures for someone who may not know the story – look for those to be coming home for Pesach to be shared at your Seder!

During Tefillah times, we have been focusing on the Ahavah Rabah prayer and we will soon begin learning the Amidah, which will go along with a unit about intention and mindfulness behind our words and actions!