Judaics, Rabbi Rachel Kobrin

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Our Middle Schooler’s are continuing to deepen their knowledge of ‘Pirket Avot’ and Rabbinic Judaism. I have seen great improvement over the last two months in their ability to fluidly read Mishnah and other Rabbinic texts in the original Hebrew and translate them correctly. Whereas just a couple of months ago they struggled to transfer their modern Hebrew knowledge to Rabbinic texts, they are now able to translate with more accuracy. In addition, our students are growing in their ability to make text-to-text connections. I have been energized to see how excited they are when they are able to connect a piece of learning from the week before or from another class, with the piece that we are currently studying. On our last test, I gave our 8th grade students a “blind mishnah’ to translate and explain. They had not studied this ‘mishnah’ before in class and were challenged to translate and analyze it on the spot. I helped those who struggled with the Hebrew, and was encouraged to see how much they have all grown in their ability to apply analytical thinking skills to a Jewish text and find meaning.