K-Hebrew in 2018

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It is so good to be back in school and learning with our wonderful Kindergarteners.

It is amazing to see that students who were completely new to Hebrew at the beginning of the year are now understanding directions, using Hebrew words and phrases, as well as recognizing and writing Hebrew letters and words!

Our last Blog left off at the letter HEY.

For HEY we learned the word HAYOM, today and explored the days of the week in Hebrew. We also introduced ETMOL, yesterday and MACHAR, tomorrow. The weekly calendar has become a new and welcome part of our learning and routine.

We also learned of HEYs special meaning when it comes before a word. When juxtaposed  to a noun, the letter HEY means “The” -turning “boy” into “THE boy” and so on.

For the letter VAV we learned the word VERED, rose, as well as the color VAROD, pink, which seems to be a class favorite. We took the opportunity to review the colors we know so far, playing lots of fun games and taking a look at a few fun stories.

VAV is also used to connect things together in the Hebrew language. When in front of a noun it means “and.” We learned a classic Hebrew song “ANI VE-ATAH,” You and I (will change the world).” Ask your child to show you our hand motions for the words ANI VE-ATAH.

ZAYIN, is for ZEBRA (can you guess what that means?) and ZAHAV, gold. This worked out just in time for Chunukkah where we learned all about the Beit Hamikdash which had many vessels made of ZAHAV. We also spoke about our Hebrew names and their meanings, as we have a student whose Hebrew name is ZAHAVA, coming form the word ZAHAV.

CHET is for CHAYAH, animal or CHAYOT, animals. This is a fun song about how all animals are unique. I am sure your child would love to hear it again at home!


We took the opportunity to explore different animals in Hebrew and discussed our favorite CHAYOT. We had lots of CHAYOT visit our classroom-not the live kind but cute and fun none-the-less.

Lastly, we finished the letter TET, For TELEFON, telephone, TALIT, prayer shawl, and TOV, good. We discussed that there is another Hebrew letter that makes the same sound, which will hopefully spare some confusion later on.

Most students are doing a wonderful job at recognizing and naming all of the letters we have studied so far! I am very happy with the enthusiasm of the students and the progress that is being made in our classroom!

Wishing you a fantastic 2018!


Morah Yonit