Kinder Buzz 11-21-14

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Steps leading up to our Thanksgiving Feast:

Shopping, checking for Kosher symbols, price checking, sorting groceries, reading recipes and directions, measuring, stirring, baking, chopping, mashing, spreading, threading, poking, decorating, carrying, practicing, cutting, gluing, folding, singing, reciting, and finally EATING!

The Kindergarten class took great pride in their accomplishments to be prepared for the feast. We heard several children say “This is the best feast ever!” We hope you all enjoyed the fruits of their hard labor; thank you for your support and attendance, with special thanks to those who helped prepare and clean up!

Coming up:

Class science project

  • Question: What happens to our Thanksgiving pumpkins over time?
  • Hypothesis: (to be determined)
  • We are starting a new math unit with reinforcement in addition and subtraction number stories, continued practice in number writing, skip counting, measurement with non-standard and standard tools, pan balance activities, language of probability, more shape, patterning, and graphing activities, and estimation.
  • Hanukkah and Fairy Tales will be our focus for Language arts for the month of December
  • Portfolio Day preparation- if you haven’t signed up for a time slot, please do that- (Remember there is no school that day-Friday, December 12– you only come with your child for 15 minutes to watch their presentation)
  • We will begin to practice our Hanukkah play that will be held for the parents and families on Wednesday, December 17 at 9:00 am
  • We have a new student coming on December 1!! We are so excited and the children have made a list of ways that we can welcome her and make sure she has everything she needs- they think the most important thing is to “be nice,” and I agree!

Here are some photos of our grocery shopping trip to HEB to purchase our supplies  for our feast.


The children made turkey hats for the program