Kinder Buzz 3-9-15

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    Kinder buzz 3-7-15

Kindergarten has been a-buzz with activities these last few weeks. Some of the highlights include the 100th day of school celebration, “Me on the Map” studies, the Build a Bear Mitzvah Project, All About Trees, Dr. Seuss week, and Purim. We have been gradually receiving our traveling Flat Stanley’s back to AJA. So far, this is where they have returned from:  Hong Kong, Israel, California, Washington D.C., Canada, New York, Louisiana, Arizona, Illinois, and England. We have enjoyed the photos, journal entries, and souvenirs.

The 100th day of school celebration was a big success; a huge thanks to those who volunteered to come and help out with our stations at the end of the day. Zero the Hero showed up that morning with a 100th day party bag for each child and then we did a parade through the school to say “Happy 100th day of School” to all the other classrooms.




Our Build a Bear project was a big success. The children enjoyed counting, comparing, and sorting the coins that were brought in from their Tzedakah bears and then they were able to use the money to build a bear at Build a Bear Workshop. The next day the EMS personnel came in with an ambulance and did a question and answer session about what they do. We would have been there all afternoon if we did not have time constraints- the children had so many good questions. The time finally came for the children to put their bears on the stretcher and see them be loaded into the back of the ambulance to share with children who have to be transported to a hospital. The best part of all was that not one child was heard to say “I want to keep my bear!”

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As a follow up to Tu B’Shevat, we have been doing some tree studies. We “adopted” a tree and will be documenting the changes over the next few weeks. With our 3rd grade buddies we were able to measure the girth of some of the trees on campus. We have discovered that some trees think it is spring already as they are covered in blossoms!


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Our tree explorations have overlapped nicely with our Dr. Seuss mini unit as we read the book The Lorax and brainstormed some ways that they could help the earth. You will want to come and check out our hallway to see some pictures of “Lorax disguised” kindergarten students! The children particularly enjoyed baking a Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss cake and making green eggs for snack- you can guess which one the children enjoyed the most!

Celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday by reading The Cat in the Hat which book is also celebrating its 50th birthday

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Although we will continue to observe and document the changes in our tree, we will be moving on to our last unit of study for the year, “Down on the Farm”. We will be planting a garden, learning about the plant life cycle, going to the livestock show at Rodeo Austin, taking a field trip to Wyatt’s farm, attempting to hatch chicken eggs, learning about the life cycle of a chicken, and doing farm projects. That will keep us busy for the last nine weeks of school!

Spirit Week Superhero Day!