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Shalom, again!

Our Heritage is so rich and our Kindergartners are getting to taste from it all!

Tefilah-prayer. The weekly Torah Portion-“parasha.” Shabbat. Holidays. Customs. Mitzvot. And even philosophy! We are very busy!

Your children were ecstatic to start learning the weekly Parsha!

Simchat Torah marked the completion and renewal of the weekly Torah portion cycle and was the occasion we were waiting for to start delving in to the story of the Jewish People and the world. The text of the Torah.

We learned that the Torah consists of 5 books and learned the Hebrew names of the books through a cute and simple song. We discussed what the Torah is and why we learn it. Aside form being an account of Jewish history, Torah, literally means “instructions.” The Mitzvot found with in the Torah are meant to be guidelines for us to achieve happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

Parashat Bereshit, the first chapter of the first book, starts Wayyy at the “Begining” with the creation of the world and the first man and woman. We learned about the first man and woman and the tree of knowledge (which is, by the way, an inaccurate translation of the Hebrew text). We learned about Noah and the flood (right in time for their water study), about Avraham’s rediscovery of G-d and the promise of the land of Israel to Abraham.

We learned about the importance of SHALOM, peace from parashat Lech lecha, which includes the story of the disagreement between the shepherds of Avraham and Lot which results in their parting ways. Shalom is so important in Judaism that one of G-d’s names is actually “Shalom!” It is said that when their is fighting between people G-d is truly pained, just as parents are pained to see their kids not getting along or hurting each other. We also discussed that when their is fighting, no one is happy. We discussed and read stories about how we can keep Shalom. One way that we agreed we can keep shalom is by not picking fights over small things. Instead, we can just “Let it go…Let it go”

It has been a true pleasure teaching your children this far, I am looking forward to more great learning!

Wishing you all the best,

Morah Yonit