Kindergarten, Art Cafe, Ms.Slom

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We have been learning how to use different materials in the art room.

In the following project we learnt about the “many colors of a pencil” and did pencil drawings. The art students tickled the paper with their pencils by drawing very lightly and pressed HARD with their pencils to create dark colors. We drew abstract drawings.

We read the book: Sky color by P.H. Reynolds and painted many watercolor paint sky paintings. Once dry we ripped up the paintings and will be making collages with them.

Our next project was Decoupage bowls. Decoupage is French for covering a surface with clear glue and colored tissue papers. We covered paper bowls.

We read the book: My blue is happy by Jessica Young. It’s a book about how colors make us feel. We spoke about what each color makes us feel like and then we free drew with color pencils.

leah and anaia  mai and sivan