Kindergarten, Art Cafe, Ms. SLom

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We completed our Monster lines by adding giant wobbly eyes to our line paintings.

We focused on color and geometric shapes this month. In color, we learnt about primary and secondary colors by drawing a turtle, turtle head, tail and four legs. The students then divided the turtle shell it into 6 parts and colored each part in oil pastels, in either a primary or secondary color. Great learning and fun was had by all.

We have started our unit on shapes: we are focusing on geometric shapes. We started out by looking at the circle and created an art project with circles inside circles. We then moved on to looking at the square and created an art project with a square in a square in a square, And  finally a triangle in a triangle in a triangle. Our final project will be a composition of all three geometric shapes.

שנה טובה ומתוקה