Kindergarten, Art Cafe, Ms Slomowitz

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And another busy month but short month…………we learnt about, color, shape and image.

We looked at Georgia O’Keefe’s (1887 –1986) beautiful large close-up images of flowers and the students created their very own close-up flowers in oil pastels. Students learnt about blending and mixing colors while using oil pastels.

Students painted a giant group painting using warm fall colors and learnt to draw and paint leaves after reading the book “Little Tree” by Loren Long. The students looked closely at the illustrations of the little tree and at the color changes of its leaves during the season changes.

-“Selfies” are interesting at any age and having an opportunity to get a close look in the mirror and seeing oneself can be very rewarding and entertaining.  Each student was given a hand mirror and they looked at each shape of their faces and on their faces. Then drew them in sharpie and painted them in watercolor paints. The students enjoyed doing this project.

– We learnt about the colors of the rainbow-Roy.G.Biv – red, orange, yellow, blue, green, indigo, violet. We then drew an expanding spiral for a snail shell and added its head and tail and the children colored each shape of the shell in the colors of the rainbow.