Kindergarten Hebrew 2017

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We are full speed ahead in Kindergarten Hebrew! Singing, dancing, reading, writing, playing and speaking Hebrew are just some of the things we are doing in room 223!

We started to go through the Aleph-Bet letter by letter to gain familiarity with the letters and their sounds. We are also learning fundamental vocabulary to expand our Hebrew comprehension. The kids are working on their Hebrew writing, correct letter formation and writing in the correct direction. They are loving their Aleph Bet book which features our weekly letter!


For Aleph, we worked on family members ABA, dad IMA, mom ACH, brother and ACHOT, sister. We also learned the verbs “Eating” and explored different foods. OCHEL is used to describe a male eating and OCHELET is used for a girl. The kids caught on to this distinction rather quickly! way to go!

For Bet, we focused on location: BAYIT, house and different objects like BALON, balloon, and BUBOT, dolls. The kids loved the doll house and how we synthesized our knowledge of family, eating and location to create super fun learning.

GIMMEL was for GUF- we explored our different body parts and their names in Hebrew. and learned a fun song-dance. GLIDA, Ice cream, is of course a very important word that we could not skip. I have no doubt, your child will be thrilled for you to show them this mashup of our GLIDA song :

When we listen to songs in class we do one or more of the following activities, which help the students focus and internalize our learning goals and vocabulary:

1- children listen to the song and identify the learned vocabulary by raising their hand or a card with our focus word or it’s corresponding letter, when they hear the word.

2- the children are encouraged and very much enjoy saying the words and singing along to the best of their ability.

3-children act out the meaning of the songs with hand and body motions while singing and listening.

Song is such a special learning tool and a wonderful part of our Hebrew class!

Lastly, we learned the words GADOL, big and KATAN, small. The kids loved our class sorting activity.

DELET, door, DEGEL, Flag, and our good friend DOV, bear, (nicknamed “DOOBI-DOV”) all start with the letter DALED. We played lots of mystery games trying to figure out MI BADELET? who is at the door… and also had past vocabulary words show up at the door as well! I hope they had a chance to show you how they use our Daled art project.

Currently, we are working on the letter HEY.

This Friday we will have our first Show and tell day. please have your child bring in an item, picture or drawing of anything related to one of our vocabulary words. This will help us practice our Hebrew speaking skills.

The children are advancing nicely in their ability to recognize our vocabulary words and are gaining independence in their Hebrew learning through our classroom activities and structure.

Here are our kindergartners hard at work at their stations. Each station has a different task and was so much fun!


It is a pleasure to teach your children!

Best Wishes,

Morah Yonit