Kindergarten Hebrew Blog!

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Kindergarten Hebrew Blog!


It has been a great month in Kindergarten Hebrew class!

I was glad to see that your children came back from break remembering all of their Hebrew and ready to learn more important and interesting things.

We left off at VAV and completed a comprehensive review of the 6 letters learnt so far. The kids successfully recalled the letter names, their sounds, how to write the letters and our corresponding vocabulary words! Some students even remembered some vowels sounds which, although not part of our official curriculum, is offered as an introduction and enrichment! Way to go Kindergarten! We will continue to review 6 letters at a time.

After VAV comes ZAYIN. For ZAYIN we learned the vocabulary word ZEBRA (with a flat e). Funnily enough, this fell out just when the kids were learning about Z for Zebra in their homeroom class. It also fell out during pijama day, so we took the opportunity to become familiar with the famous israeli children’s song about a zebra in pijamas.

You can watch it here:

For CHET we learned about CHAYOT, animals. We read a book with different CHAYOT and explored around our classroom to find the hidden CHAYOT. We learned this song about how all CHAYOT are MEYUCHADOT-special and discussed how each person in our class was also special-MEYUCHAD(m)/MEYUCHEDET(f).

We continued with our animal theme. and learned TUKI, parrot for TET. We also took the opportunity to introduce a unit on colors! Our TUKIS had so many TZVAIM, colors!

For YUD we reviewed YELED, boy and YALDAH, girl and took a close look at the similar letters in the words. We discovered that by just adding a letter HEY you can turn YELED to say YALDAH. We also re-learned YOSHEV (m) and YOSHEVET (f) which mean sitting. We saw that some of our CHAYOT were sitting in various places, as well.

KAF is for KELEV, dog, KACHOL, blue, and KADUR, ball. We learned to ask for the ball and some verbs that you can do with a ball.

Fun fact: Hebrew speaking dogs apparently don,t say “Woof” they say “HAV.” Listen to this kids song for proof:

For LAMED, we took a good close look at how we write LO, no in Hebrew, as well as KEN, yes. LAMED is also for LECHEM, bread, which coincidentally (again!) they made with Mrs. Duncan. We spoke about who likes-OHEV(m) /OHEVET (f) and who eats OCHEL (m) / OCHELET (f) bread. We also learned how to make a SENVITCH (take a guess at what that means, please).

We also made a LEYTZAN, clown one body part at a time, to review our past unit of body parts.

Here’s a last song for you about the LEYTZAN:


It has been a pleasure teaching your children, as always!

Take a look at how independent they are! They are building Hebrew sentences using the vocabulary they already know!

I will be out next Friday, Monday and Tuesday at a conference in the East coast!

I look forward to seeing many of you at the SLCs.


Kol Tuv,

Morah Yonit