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Hebrew is Fun, Fun, Fun at the AJA!

The singing, playing, catching, matching and drawing  in room 221 continues as we expand our Hebrew vocabulary and skills.

Our unit on, משפחה family, is in full swing and our bright students are catching on faster than you could imagine!

We are solidifying our familiarity with the Hebrew names for family members and are beginning to work on word recognition in our Unit.

Though אמא and אבא are basics, it can get quite confusing when you introduce סבא and סבתא which sound and look almost identical to אבא. Luckily, the ס is familiar to us from Sukkot סוכות, which made the differentiation a breeze for the kids!

We also introduced אח, אחות, דודה brother, sister, aunt and דוד uncle ! Our family pet, חתול,  cat, also likes to sit (יושב) on the chairs in the בית, house, with the rest of the family.

The children are incredibly excited at being introduced to spelling and writing their Hebrew name, another work in progress here in K-Hebrew.

Many of your children have nearly mastered our Aleph Bet song and are able to recognize a few individual letters throughout our classroom and in our books.

I’m so glad to have your children in my Hebrew class and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on Monday, Oct26.


מורה יונית

With Blessings,

Morah Yonit