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Where to Begin???

Its hard to believe that most of our Students only began to learn Hebrew a mere few months ago! Their comfort in and comprehention of the Hebrew Language has grown enormously!

Previously, we learned about the family in the home. We learned nouns such as house,* table,* chairs* and basic verbs such as sitting,* eating,* and sleeping*. We discussed whether things were in the home* or outside,*  touching a bit on the Hebrew prefix of ב- which connotes being IN something.

We then took the opportunity to look outside our window* and  observed the erratic changes in weather. Some days we saw sun, * other days we saw only clouds.* We saw lightning* and rain,*  but, somehow, we never managed to see stars* in the sky* during our 10am classes…odd…

The children loved our weather board, our weather themed projects and games. Our hands on visual aids are very helpful in assisting the children to see the word and its meaning all in one glance, while we discuss our topic.

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We sang a rain song that you can listen to here: (We only sing the first stanza in Kindergarten-Hebrew)

and listened to Hanukkah song about light* and dark.*  (found here:

We read a fun book about Hillel who observed A big* tree* and a small* tree on his walk. Curious Hillel wondered why the big tree had small fruit and the small tree had large fruit. I was a bit unsure myself, until we got to the last page where he hints to the interesting answer. Curious? Ask your child!

The kids were incredible at arranging our Aleph Bet puzzle in the correct order with absolutely no help! They are also getting really good at writing their names on their own and some with out a cheat sheet!

I am so THANKFUL to be at the AJA teaching your children!

Cant wait to see them after the break!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Morah Yonit

Vocabulary List for Your Interest:


Chairs-KISEH (singular) KISAOT (plural)-כסא/כסאות

Sitting-YOSHEV (masculine) YOSHEVET (feminine)-יושב/יושבת

Eating-OCHEL (masc.) OCHELET (fem.)-אוכל/אוכלת

Sleeping- YASHEN (masc.) YESHENA (fem.)- ישן/ישנה

In the House-BA-BAYIT-בבית


How is the weather outside, today?-EYCH HAYOM BACHUTZ?-איך היום בחוץ?