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How time flies!

I cannot believe we are half way through the year! It really has been an incredible journey so far!

We recently started our official Aleph-Bet learning, where we will focus on one or two letters a week for the remainder of the year.

To start us off, the children received a taste of the letters , ש × , ×’, , and ×” in honor of Channukka – the letters found on our Draidels*! We read a  fun Channukka book for the holiday where we learned the meaning of the letters on the Draidel:× -*נס -×’-*גדול ×”-*×”×™×” ש-*שם–“A Great Miracle Was There”* and also learned  that draidels in Israel have a פ,  instead of a ש, since the Miracle was “פה*-here” in Israel*! We studied the sounds of each letter and brainstormed some other words that start with those sounds.

After learning to recognize the letters through a letter search and a few games, the children were excited to attempt to write the letters on their own draidel. They practiced first on their colorful creation- a 3 dimensional paper cube which resembled a draidel* and then went on to make their own wooden draidel which Mr. and Mrs. Cohen (Sivan’s Parents) brought us all the way for Israel.

The children were well prepared to say a big “Thank You*”  (in Hebrew) since we had previously learned the words of acknowledgement-תודה רבה- in honor of thanks giving.

We read another story to reinforce the verb “eating*” which we introduced before the break. In the book, we also learned the preposition “with*” as Binah was eating Bread* WITH jelly* and for channukkah: a doughnut* WITH Jelly. yumm…

With the end of Channukkah we formally introduced the letter א. We learned the correct way to write an א and learned some א words. Our creative children each formed an א from pipe cleaners, which was surprisingly challenging. Our featured א phrases used words that we have already introduced ” I am eating food” “אני אוכל\ת אוכל*.”

We had fun telling each other in Hebrew what we were eating and having the boys and girls compete to see who can say the gender appropriate phrase with more enthusiasm.

We also focused on love, as we learned to say ” I Love…” and had fun finishing that sentence! The children made heart shaped cards that said “אני אוהב\ת את…*” for their special someone that they chose.

Lastly, I have been tremendously impressed with our students’ ability to copy words and letters! A few of our Hebrew speakers  are even doing some extra enrichment projects in class, creating their own books, practicing their last names and more!

What a pleasure these few months have been! I cant wait to see what else this year has in store!





שם-SHAM- there


ארץ ישראל-ERETZ YISRAEL-Land of Israel

תודה רבה-TODAH RABAH-thank you very much

אוכל\אוכלת-OCHEL/OCHELET-eat (male\female)




סופגניה-SUFGANIAH- doughnut

אני אוכל\אוכלת אוכל-ANI OCHEL/OCHELET OCHEL-I am eating food

אני אוהב\אוהבת את-ANI OHEV\OHEVET ET…-I love…