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Wow! We are at the letter ל already!

Here is what we have been up to:


For the letter ×”, we took the opportunity to reinforce some past vocabulary (as we do in class continuously). When we add a ×” to the beginning of a noun, it serves as the word “the” as in “chair”–>”THE chair.”

We also took this time to introduce colors and some classroom objects in to the children’s vocabulary.


ו is a letter of connection. Just as a juxtaposed ×” takes the role of “the” a ו means “AND.”

We created a lot of run-on sentences using our names and nouns and vocabulary and previously learned words and newly learned words and non-sense words and… (you get it…?)

As always though, nothing teaches as well as a song with motions. The kids just loved this Hebrew oldies song which displayed the ו accurately. (Original song can be listened to here:  However, we sang a kid friendly version of our own.)

We also made a ו in the shape of a rose, וורד, as we continue to analyze and internalize the form of each letter.


We listed off and looked for words around us that had the letter ×– in it. We continued to work on colors and classroom objects with a fun book and began to make our own version of that book.

Being that ו and ז look confusingly similar, and since we have quite a bunch of letters to remember, we began to work on reviewing what we already learned. Once a week, we do classroom challenges, with our flashcards. The children read off and look for the different letters. we even saw that we can create some words we know with just the letters we have studied!


×— is for חיות animals. We looked at different animals and watched a music video about how all animals are special “כל החיות מיוחדות!” Play it for your child. They love it!

We also looked at different colored FREINDS חברים with a Hebrew song that celebrates out differences.


ט is for a favorite Animal/Bird of ours=טוקי. Parrot. We discussed the different colors on the pictures of parrots we saw.


We learned to recognize the words ילד and ילדה as well as learn the plural usage of ילדים and ילדות.

We did some pretty sophisticated work which the kids did surprisingly well. I hope to send that home with their folders some time soon.

Enjoy your time with the children this spring break!

All the Best,

Morah Yonit