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This has been AN AN INCREDIBLY AMAZING YEAR and journey with your children!

Your children are practically fully functioning little people in our Hebrew world here at AJA. They understand, they cooperate and they learn in a space that is governed by and run in only Hebrew!

I am so thrilled to have been a part of their first step in ACQUIRING their Hebrew language!

We ended our last post with having completed ל.

Well back track to ×›, since it and its successor mentioned above got cut out of our last post!


I formally introduced our friend the כלב KELEV-dog to our כיתה KITAH-class. We had some Hebrew dialog and bonding with him regarding the different people and thing in our כיתה. He helped us keep track of our letters and and continues to be an integral part of our class.

We also played with a כדורKADUR-ball. We threw it לזרוק LIZROK and Caught it ליטפוס LITFOS. We spoke about the כדור הארץ KADUR HAARETZ, earth, that we live on and reviewed some of the things in it. (Separate unit was done on עולם OLAM-world, and what is in it).

Lastly, we introduced a question word that connected us back to our Hebrew numbers. כמה KAMAH? How many? We explored the כמהs of our כיתה-class, our כדורים-balls, and our כלבים-dogs.


We had a ליצןLEYZAN-clown join us for the week! The kids loved her! She loved the kids too, but she also loved to dance-לרקוד LIRKOD. We did alot of dancing with the clown to her favorite song which helped us all remember our key ל words.

We also made sure that we had the word LO-no (and KEN-yes) deeply ingrained in our vocabulary… for better or worse;)


מ came right in time for Purim where we spoke about the מגילה Megilah, in Hebrew and מי MIwho is in it?

MI? who, you may ask, well the מלך Melech, king, Achashverosh the מלכה Malkah, queen, Ester and מרדכי Mordechai.


Naturally, נ  is for נרות שבתNEROT SHABBAT, Shabbat candles. We read a couple of books and made our own נ shaped Shabbat candles.


is for ספר SEFER and ספרים SFARIM, book and books that we read, לקרוא LIKRO.

The kids created their own book based on a book we read and took it to a new level with writing in words! The kids practiced reading, Likro, their own books! Way to go!


is for עפרון IPARON, pencil, עינים EYNAYIM, eyes, ענינים ANANIM, clouds and our favorite עוגה UGAH, cake.

Since your children are practically Israeli at this point (ok, maybe not YET) they had to learn the Israeli classic circle dance”עוגה עוגה”. This song makes only half sense to me, but trust me, the kids will never forget the word עוגה. Pass the Ugah please…

We reveiwed  some verbs like עומד OMED and עומדת OMEDET, standing. as well as the others that we have learned in the past with our interactive doll house family, Mishpacha.


The kids were on target! פ is for פה PEH, mouth. It is also for פרחים PRACHIM, flowers and פנים PANIM. We admired all the Beautiful פנים in the class and started a new book very similar to the last but with פרחים.

פרפר, butterfly was another favorite this week!

If your still reading, I am almost done!

BUT aren’t you happy we learn so much?!


Is for another flying creature. A ציפור TZIPOR, bird. and as we learned before, צבעים TVAIM, colors. ציור TZIYOR is a drawing. I hope all the motherד loved the ציור their child made for them.

and finally….


Since we love חיות CHAYOT, animals, we featured Mr. קוף KOF, monkey who love to לקפוץ LIKFOTZ, jump. The kids had a blast jumping, קופצים KOFTZIM!

This was helpful to those of us who were very קר KAR, cold, on that 32 degree day in our classroom.

After we were חם CHAM , hot again we were able to do some reading- קוראים KORIM.



It has been a true pleasure teaching your children this year!

I am looking forward to these last 3 weeks of school…

Best Wishes,

Morah Yonit