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Our Kindergartners have been busy, busy learning and working in Hebrew class. They are quickly adding to their Hebrew vocabulary and are able to recognize a handful of sight words in Hebrew!

We learned the words אני Ani-me and used it to expand on our already learned greeting “שלום” Shalom, Hello.  “Shalom Ani….” The children are able to properly use and identify the written words and expression as well as use it properly in daily interaction. We also wrote our first class book using this knowledge as well as our name writing skills.

I was slightly taken to find that a handful of students are already writing their names without using their name tags for assistance. We were also able to “figure out what letter comes next” when we froze our א-ב song. Way to go! All students are progressing well in these areas.

We learned the word כיתה kitah- class as well as some things that can be found, or not be found in a Kita. With that, we were introduced to the concept of a ב prefix in a word. A juxtaposed ב in Hebrew, means IN. With that, believe it or not, we authored our second book! The kids are very proud.

We saw this again when we learned the words for Apple-תפוח Tapuach and Honey-דבש Devash. Well, when you “dip the apple in the honey”, you are sure to get a תפוח בדבש. The children successfully broke down the sentence for me in to it’s 3 counterparts.

Other words we focused on were ילד Yeled, boy and ילדה Yaldah, girl, as well as their plural forms.

We made our בובות Bubot, dolls whom only speak in Hebrew. I watched your kids play with their bubot and I am convinced that these bubot don’t speak a word of english.
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Take a look at these precious “Bubot”-they are on their way to a successful Hebrew speaking future!

שנה טובה ומתוקה

Morah Yonit