Kindergarten Hebrew Hamorah Orit

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In the last week, we began to acquire vocabulary to describe our attire. We discussed what we are wearing, while noting the colors of our outfits. The students cut out flash cards to help them internalize this vocabulary even better, and we played a variety of board games as well. At times, we used our little costume boutique to dress ourselves up, and the stuffed animals in our classroom. This always brings about many giggles, which is great for learning. The more humor, the more oxygen flows into the brain, therefore the brain can internalize faster. In preparation for Purim, we began reading aloud a short story (from our Nitzanim program) called, A Zoo of Purim. In this story, different children put on masks that make them look like different animals. One is as strong as a lion. The second is as pretty as a bird. The third is as cute as a bunny and etc. We do the same in our class. We put on a variety of masks and pretend to be someone else. The students are expected to ask for the mask they wish to wear only in Hebrew. This story is helps us to acquire a variety of adjectives to describe a person and in addition it teaches the cooperative form, is as…as. In the pictures below you can see our students building towers in different colors. This was one contest we were engaged in as we studied about colors. This was hard to do, as all pieces had to be used, but the tower must not collapse. You can imagine the giggles that were heard each time one of these towers came down.

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