Kindergarten Hebrew Takes Off!

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Wow! What a great start to the year!

Our Kindergartners are looking very happy and comfortable in their new school! Who would have guessed it has only been a bit over one month?

I am impressed at how smoothly the group has adjusted to a class in a whole new language. They have already picked up so many Hebrew basics, such as greeting each other in Hebrew, recognizing their written Hebrew name, identifying the first letter in their names and recognizing our first Hebrew sight words!

We learned our first Hebrew songs, read quite a few Hebrew books, did some Hebrew word puzzles, and played different Hebrew games.

We started off with the words “Shalom Ani…”as we get to know each other, our new school and a new language. We then took a look at the different components of that sentence starter and related phrases as well.

and Yes, we did it in Hebrew!


Our first attempt at copying our names was excellent! Many of the children properly wrote from right to left as they have been observing and learned about in class.

They also gave their first shot at independent reading by finding and reading our sight words. Each child tallied up their familiar words and were genuinely shocked at how much they already know. With 100% success at this task and the strong foundation we have set so far (and continue to build), I know we are off to a strong start for this year.

This week we also started our official weekly letter study. We will work on recognizing letters, their sounds, corresponding vocabulary words/phrases and get a start on writing.

We will work on Aleph א  for 2 weeks just to set a good foundation. At the end of next week we will have a show and tell where each child is asked to bring an item related to one of our vocabulary words.


Shanah tovah to all!

Looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and fun!

Best Wishes,

Morah Yonit