Kindergarten Hebrew Update

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Welcome back! It’s a new semester and we are in the midst of learning the colors. This is not an easy task as adjectives follow the nouns unlike English. Not only that, we also conjugate them to match the noun whether it is singular/plural or masculine/feminine. So the color ‘red’ could be Adom, Adumah, Adumim or Adumot. This is quite difficult to acquire if this does not exist in your native tongue. We have started by introducing four basic colors and we will add on gradually more. We also introduced geometric shapes such as a square, a triangle, circle and a ball. The children were given Lego pieces, different geometric shapes and other materials, and were asked to build towers in a certain color. They worked in teams and had to use all the materials they were given in order to build these towers. Another game we will introduce is twister. This is a known game in which participants need to place their body parts on circles in different colors. To add to this theme, we will read a short story called The Best House on My Street. In this story there is an extensive use of many colors.

Looking forward to starting a new semester with your children,


Hamorah Orit