Kindergarten Hebrew Update

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We have had such a great start this year. The children are excited and energized to be back in our Hebrew classroom. I welcome them every day dressed up with my special props/costumes. They never know what character I will be that morning and they enjoy being surprised so much.

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We have already begun with an introduction of the first five letters in the Hebrew alphabet. In the next few weeks we will teach them the names of the letters and the sounds they produce. Our classroom is conducted almost entirely in Hebrew in order to facilitate oral fluency. So far we focused on high frequency verbs, body parts, objects around the room and a variety of animals. We constantly use our whole body in order to acquire the language and to allow for long term retention of the vocabulary. Moreover, humor is frequently infused into every lesson which, raises up the children’s interest and motivation to participate. We are aware that we have multiple levels of proficiency in our classroom as some of the children speak Hebrew at home. We have begun assessing them in order to get to know their skill set better so that we can group them wisely. I look forward to sharing my love of teaching with your children.  Orit

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