Kindergarten Jewish Studies

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We continue with our weekly Torah portions learning a variety of lessons.  Parshat Lech-Lecha (go, you go) taught us about Abraham and his ten tests.  We spoke about going traveling and not knowing anything about a new place.  We sang “The First Jew’s Name was Abraham”.  In Parshat Vayera we learned of the birth of Yitzhak (Isaac) and how to properly treat guests.  No one was willing to follow the ancient custom of washing a guest’s feet.  Parshat Chayei Sara taught us the story of finding a wife for Abraham and Sara’s son, Isaac.  The act of chesed (kindness) that Rivka (Rebecca) performed by giving both Eliezer and his camels water led to a discussion of taking care of our pets.  It was concluded that Rebecca was going to be a good wife for Isaac. In honor of Eliezer’s camels, we sang “Saul the Gamal”.  Our most recent portion was Toldot recounting the birth and rivalry of Esau and Jacob.  Sibling stories abounded during class discussion.  We also celebrated Rosh Chodesh Kislev and look forward to the holiday of Chanukah.  We have practiced Shabbat brachot as well as Modeh Ani, Mah Tovu, and the Shema including V’havta.