Kindergarten post

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We have had a busy and fun first two weeks and one half weeks of school. This class has made an extremely smooth transition to the Kindergarten routines and procedures. There are full of enthusiasm and have an eagerness to participate and learn; it is truly delightful.

Our general theme for the year is “We all Bee-long.” My philosophy of teaching embraces the idea that we are a school family and everything we do affects each other. Our goal and main rule for the year is to “BEE” HELPFUL to our school, our classmates, our teacher, and our world. We will be learning about bees and how they work hard to benefit the hive, and how they are vital for plant pollination. Our class now has a little puppet mascot which they named “Buzzy.” He comes out every once in a while and asks them important questions.

Here are some curriculum and activity highlights from our first few days of school:

Classroom Morning Meeting:

  • “Wake up our brain” with an action song
  • Unite our class by greeting each other in fun ways
  • “Speed sharing” by telling one quick personal thing to our friends
  • Sing the Days of the Week and Months song
  • “Capital Bee” takes the attendance, changes the calendar, adds to the weather graph, adds a straw to the ones place and counts the days as we keep track of the first one hundred days of school
  • Children put their names on the morning question T-chart and graph their answer with a magnet piece
  • We read or do shared writing of a morning message reinforcing concepts of print, letter sounds and sight words.


Language Arts

  • Book we have read, discussed and responded to with art and writing, include Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten, Wemberly Worried, Chrysanthemum, I Need a Lunchbox, Pete the Cat Rockin’ in My School Shoes, The Lost Letters, The Kissing Hand
  • We are leaning the parts of a book: back cover, front cover, spine, title, author, illustrator, title page
  • Concepts of print- letters, words, spaces, periods, capital letters
  • We are learning about what a picture walk through a book is and how it can help us predict what a book is going to be about
  • Rhyming and letter sound activities
  • Name flip books
  • “Hopes and Dreams” for our Kindergarten year



  • Counting all around the classroom
  • Counting using our sense of sound only and our sense of touch only
  • How many ways can we sort?
  • Graphing letters in our names using interlocking cubes
  • Tapping syllables in our names using a drum
  • Graphing the weather
  • Pattern block exploration
  • Zero the Hero surprise on the 10th day of school
  • Counting up to 100 and down from 100 days of school
  • Measuring shorter, longer, and the same size objects
  • Mental math problems
  • Number poem added to our Song and Poem Binder