Kindergarten Program and Dinosaur Adventures

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The Kindergarten classes, led by Alisa Lerner, put on a heartwarming performance this morning during Kabbalat Shabbat.  The program was centered around Israel and Hayim Nahman Bialik, an Israeli poet. The children recited some of his poetry and sang songs. Learning to look through eyes of a poet was the goal of this particular performance.  It was truly so precious to hear them sing, flap their wings, and look so charming in their crisp white shirts.

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This dinosaur unit has kept our kindergarten students busy and hard at work.  We have created our very own dinosaur dioramas, made out of shoeboxes and clay.  The children also mixed, formed, baked and painted volcanoes.  Then they enjoyed watching them erupt!!  The children also measured dinosaur footprints, wrote dinosaur fiction stories and have been hearing stories all about Bernard Most, for our Author Study.

The students always look forward to activities involving their 3rd and 4th grade buddies.  They performed songs, read their dinosaur books that were created in Writer’s Workshop, and then explained how they created their dioramas to their big buddies.  Measuring the length of their chosen dinosaur, was an activity that was very helpful to complete with the older students.