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Kindergarten celebrated the beginning of spring by creating their very own multi-medium Texas Bluebonnet paintings.  We first read the story: The legend of the Bluebonnet by Tomie De Paola. Students drew their horizon line and painted their grass and sky in watered down liquid water colors. Once dry they drew and colored the stems and leaves of the Bluebonnets in water based oil pastels and then used tempera paints and their fingertips to create the multi-colored petals of these beautiful flowers. Kindergarten enjoyed this project creating their own Texan spring flowers.

With Passover just around the corner we are focusing on Ancient Egyptian art. Students in kindergarten are making ancient Egyptian Cat sculptures. We first started out with looking at an ancient tomb painting of family life. We noticed that there were many different birds and animals in this painting-amongst the birds is a cat. Cats were considered sacred animals and were symbols of grace and poise.

Students first squashed in the top of a toilet roll tube to make ears and then cover the toilet roll in acrylic paint. We looked at a few pictures of cat mummies before painting the sculptures and drawing on features and patterns in black sharpie.

Tiny blue hippo figures were created long ago in Ancient Egypt. To the Egyptians who lived and travelled along the Nile river, hippos were considered to be the most dangerous animals in the world and presented a constant danger! The Egyptians believed that to appease these animals, offerings and charms needed to be given to render them harmless. Tiny hippo figures were made from clay and decorated with plants that live along the river. These figures were also buried in tombs with pharaohs when they died.

Kindergarten created their very own multi-medium hippo paintings. After drawing the waves of the river Nile in white crayon the students painted blue/green liquid watercolor paint over the entire piece of paper. Once dry the students painted their hippo and the border in acrylic paint and then drew the reeds and flowers that grew along the river Nile onto their hippos in black sharpie and decorated the border of their paintings in metallic markers. Kinder students enjoyed the process of creating very much.