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In Kindergarten, the Principles of Art that we are learning are Line, Shape and Color. The definitions of these elements are:
Line – a dot that went for a walk or a continuous mark made on a surface with a pointed tool.
Shape- When a line crosses itself or intersects with other lines to enclose a space, it creates a shape. Shape is two-dimensional and has height and width, but no depth.
Color is the part of light that is reflected by the object we see. In two dimensions we mix pigments to create new colors. Color is defined by hue and value.
We started off by reading the book The Cat and the Bird by Geraldine Elschner. Then we looked at some of Paul Klee’s paintings. We then practiced drawing the Cat and the bird based on Klee’s painting of the Cat and the bird on dry erase boards with dry erase markers. Once the students felt comfortable with the shapes of these images we drew on to paper with sharpies and colored them in with watercolor crayons. In the final step of this project, they painted them with water to get the watercolor effect. The kindergarteners were very happy with the project and the results.  IMG_1217 IMG_1264 IMG_1263 IMG_1265