Kindergarten Update

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We are always busy enriching our understanding of the language and vocabulary using music, movement and many different games. We make use of famous Israeli songs that are sung in kindergarten classes in Israel. Before we introduce the new song we teach the words in it using body gestures and movements. Later we utilize the same vocabulary to activate the children across the floor and with the use of our props. We go up on the tables and jump on them. We spin the chairs and put our heads or legs on them. We hide behind objects and and go around them. This approach, which uses muscle memory, helps with long term retention and sharpens the brain. We are also working on getting to know the letters and the sounds they make. So far only Alef- Tet were introduced. We learned to recognize them and also molded them using different materials. These past few weeks, we also introduced the days of the week using songs and posters. As always, we continue to dress up and get silly. Looking forward to teaching your children.

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